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Waterford Better Pickleball Classes

Use the following button to pay for your class.  In the new window, scroll down until you see DRILLS -- CLASSES.  Select the Wa button.  If you wish to pay for multiple people for one class or multiple classes, just change the amount field on the checkout page.

Our Better Pickleball Series contains six classes.  We start with three basic principles and apply them to all situations within a pickleball game.  Each session uses building blocks from the previous class to reinforce concepts and to transition to the new topic.  All classes include review, discussion, training, drills, and simulated game play.

This program is designed to get your mind into the game so that you can play better pickleball.  It is perfect for a good player that just wants to play better and for a newer player who wishes to learn the right way to play.  These sessions will help you eliminate needless mistakes that constantly cost you 2, 3 or more points in every game you play!

Better Pickleball Session 6 is on Sunday, January 29th at 1:30 pm at the Brunswick Forest Fitness Center Pickleball Courts.  ​Cost is $10 per class.

To register just complete the following Registration Form.  Be sure to hit the grey SUBMIT button at the bottom of the form before hitting the blue PAYMENT button.