Training Topics for March 28 to May 2.

Better Pickleball:  A six session clinic that helps you get your mind into the game so that you can play Better Pickleball.  The class will improve your game whether you are a 2.5 player, 3.0 player, or a 3.5 player.  It will help you eliminate needless mistakes that constantly cost you 2, 3 or more points in every game you play!  We are offering all six sessions on Tuesday's from 10 am to 12:00 pm starting on 3/28.

Other Training Classes:  

  • 3/31 - Learn thru Games (modified game rules are used to teach specific shots/strategies)
  • 4/7 - Dinking (learn techniques and strategies, practice, practice, practice Dinking)
  • 4/14 - Blocking (learn techniques and practice so that you can block any hard shot)
  • 4/21 - Learn thru Games (modified game rules are used to teach specific shots/strategies)
  • 4/28 - Backhand Ground Strokes (work on your backhand ground strokes for 90 minutes)
  • 5/5 - Keep Your Opponent Back (drills and game play focused on controlling court positioning).

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Each Topic Training Session focuses on a specific pickleball shot, technique or strategy.  In these sessions we introduce the topic of the day and then intersperse drills and discussion to acclimate both your mind and your body to the topic.  You will not get the extensive physical shot repetitions available in Drill Days, but you will learn more of the "when, why and how".  Before the session ends you have an opportunity in game play to try out the topic.  When the 90 minute session is complete you will have experienced one or two drills you can use anytime to hone your skills and understanding of the topic.

​Topic Training Sessions cost $10.  Usually classes are limited to 16 participants. 

BF Pickleball Paddles

Brunswick Forest Topic Training Sessions