BF Pickleball Paddles

Team Coaching

The Tuesday Evening Leagues have been formed; so new teams and new teammates.  This means six new partnerships per team and three new partnerships per player.

The success of a pickleball partnership depends equally on how the players play and on how well they work together as a team.  A rally is often won by the positioning of the player not hitting a ball.  If you don't move as a team you open holes which the other team can exploit.  This is true on return of serve, lob returns, covering angles, etc.  Similarly, a rally is often lost when one player hits a shot that isn't using the best strategy for the team.

Learn to play smarter!  Learn to play better!  Request a partnership coaching class today.   Each session is 45-60 minutes long.  You will play competitive games which will be interspersed short time-outs filled with team coaching tips.  This will help you and your partner(s) think on the same lines, use the same strategy and improve your team game.


2 people, 45+ minutes, $10 per person*

4 people, 45+ minutes, $7.50 per person.

* 2 person teams may be matched with similarly skilled unrelated teams to provide a competitive playing/coaching environment.

For more information or to schedule a Team Coaching Session please complete the following form.