BF Pickleball Paddles

We are distributors of both Pro-Lite Sports paddles and Selkirk Sport paddles.  We carry, in stock, the complete paddle line of both companies.

We provide you the ability to "try before you buy" as we have demo paddles for every paddle type we carry.

​We can counsel you on paddle compositions, weight, balance, grip options, etc.

If you buy a paddle after attending one of our Beginner Clinics, then we will also pay the NC sales tax for you. 

The key to the right pickleball paddle for you is how it feels (and how it makes you feel) when you play with it.  Paddles vary by size, shape, weight, distribution of weight, material, etc.  

Paddle weight and distribution of weight are important.  Simplistically speaking the lighter the paddle the more you control what happens.  The heavier the paddle the more the paddle does the work.

Paddles have several jobs.  They must absorb shock, consistently give the same bounce, support generation of ball spins, retain their qualities over time, etc. Materials and technologies are continually changing and better pickleball paddles are then developed.  The most common type of pickleball paddles are:

  • Wood or particle board -- Ignore these paddles.  The only possible benefit is cost.  They are hard to play with and are more likely to lead to injuries.
  • Composite -- These paddles are now outdated. The are low cost but aren't as consistent and will not last as well as newer technology paddles.
  • Graphite -- These paddles are a step up from composite paddles.  They can be a good beginner paddle or they may do the job for a very recreational player. 
  • Aluminum​ -- These paddles are lighter and offer more control and power to an experienced player.
  • Polymer -- This is the material used in most "state of the art" paddles.  The weight and consistency can be molded to meet most modern paddle requirements.
  • Carbon Fiber​ -- The newest innovation in face technology.  Meets all smoothness requirements, yet it provides the best ball control in the industry.