BF Pickleball Paddles

Each Drill Day focuses on a specific pickleball shot.  The emphasis is on "Learning by Doing".  You will practice the shot of the day over and over for 90 minutes.  These sessions provide you with opportunity for extensive physical shot repetitions.  However, unlike our Topic Training Clinics, there is very little time set aside for instruction, strategy or technique.  Most Drill Days feature both ball machine drills and manual feeding drills.

​Drill Day classes are usually 30 minutes long and cost $10.  They are limited to just 4 participants. 

Upcoming Drill Sessions

Topics in upcoming drills include 3rd Shot Drop, Backhand Shots, Blocking, Dinking and Transitioning.  There are two upcoming Drill Days; March 31 and April 21.

Each Drill features Ball Machine, Manual Feed and Interactive Play drills to improve your "Shot of the Day".  As with all of our Drill Days, there is limited instruction but almost limitless opportunity to practice the shot(s).  

To register for an upcoming Drill class complete the Registration Form and Class Payment.

Brunswick Forest Drill Days