BF Pickleball Paddles

Participant Information

  • Check the Player Lists after 48 hours to insure your registration information is correct, including shirt size.  Email with any corrections.
  • Each player will receive one Dri-Fit Tournament T-Shirt.  Additional shirts are  available for purchase at $25.  Order additional shirts here.
  • On Thursday evening there is a gala Tournament Dinner.  The food will be exceptional and the atmosphere will be festive.  The cost is only $20.  For more information about the dinner and to add or change dinner reservations, click here.
  • There are two pickleball court locations in Brunswick Forest; the first is behind the Fitness Center and Tennis Courts (about 3/4 of a mile into Brunswick Forest) and the second is adjacent to the Cape Fear National Golf Course.  For a map, click here.
  • Check the Preliminary Brackets on or after March 8 to learn your Check-In time and location.  Preliminary brackets may change until the event starts.
  • Wrist bands will be provided to designate the first server on each team.
  • Water and snack stations are located at both court locations.
  • Box lunches are available to participants on days of Mixed and Gender Doubles.
  • Players will call their own matches except that Referees will officiate medal matches.
  • USAPA rules will apply -- Decisions by the Tournament Director are final.
  • Warm-up courts will generally not be available.  A sign will be posted at the Scorer's Desk whenever warm-up courts are available.   Two minutes of warm-up time is allowed at the beginning of each match.
  • A member(s) from each team must together report match results to the Scorer's Desk.  Please do this promptly so that the court can be recycled for another match.