BF Pickleball Paddles

Use the following link to pay for your BCC Better Pickleball class(es). On the payment page scroll down to the CLASSES - DRILLS section. Use the CC button to identify the class for which you are paying. Then use the shopping cart button at the top right of the page to check-out.  You can pay for multiple people or multiple classes by adjusting the quantity amount on the check-out page. 

Beginner Pickleball Clinic:  $12 for 2 day class (includes BCC daily usage fee)

Tuesday and Wednesday, January 10th and 11th from noon until 1:30 pm.  Complete the following form then scroll to the bottom of the page to make payment.

Brunswick Community College Classes

Dinah E. Gore Fitness & Aquatic Center

​210 College Road, NE      Bolivia, NC 28422

Better Pickleball Clinics:  $12 per class (includes BCC daily usage fee)

  • Tuesday, January 17, 12-1:30 PM -- 3 Basic Principles + Return of Serve
  • Tuesday, January 24, 12-1:30 PM -- Court Positioning + Doubles means Team
  • Tuesday, January 31, 12-1:30 PM -- Shot #3 + Neutralize Returner's Advantage
  • Tuesday, February 7, 12-1:30 PM -- The Safe Shot + Play Smart
  • Tuesday, February 14, 12-1:30 PM -- Lobbing + Lob Defense
  • Tuesday, February 21, 12-1:30 PM -- The Serve + Play Better Pickleball

This is a six session course.  It is designed to help players of all levels Play Better Pickleball!

We start with three basic pickleball concepts and build on them throughout the six session course.  We emphasize being proactive.  It is often what you do between shots or when your partner is hitting the ball that leads to a successful rally.  You cannot play better doubles pickleball all by yourself.  It is a team game and the two of you need to work together.

You will get the most out of this course by taking all six classes.  It is, after all,  an integrated course, where each class builds on the previous classes.  However, if a topic is of particular interest to you, feel free to sign-up for an individual session.  The maximum class size is 12, and we will give priority to people who sign-up for the entire 6 session course.

To Register for a clinic(s), please complete the following Registration Form for each participant and use the Submit button.