BF Pickleball Paddles

Extensive two session Beginner Clinics are offered every month at Brunswick Forest.  Each session is 90 minutes long, so you receive 3 hours of training.  We intermix hands on play with discussions on Safety, Rules, Beginner Strategies and more.  Upon completion you will be ready to play on your own or join in a scheduled Beginner Play game.  The cost for the two session clinic is $10.  Our trainers are IPTPA certified Pickleball Teaching Professionals, so you will be getting the best training available.


You should wear Tennis Shoes when attending this clinic and when playing pickleball.  Tennis shoes are designed with lateral support.  Running shoes, generic gym shoes, cross training shoes, etc. do not provide equivalent lateral support and may also unexpectedly grip the court.  For safety sake, please wear tennis shoes.

We provide all other equipment needed; paddles, balls, etc.

The next Beginner Clinic is on May 1st at 9:30 am at the Fitness Center courts.  The second session is May 3rd at 10:00 am.  

On May 10th at 10 am there is a Beginner Practice/Play sessions.  This is the perfect follow-on to the Beginner Clinic.  It is also designed for beginner level players  who wish a refresher on all of the basic skills.  Class is $10.

On May 17th at 10 am there is a Serve/Return/Forehand Technique classes.  This class is designed for any new player that wishes additional instruction and help with basic pickleball forehand strokes.  Also just more practice and play.  The class is $10.

To register for a Beginner Clinic, please complete the following form.  Be sure to hit the gray SUBMIT button when the form is complete.  Then use the blue PAY CLASS FEES button to pre-pay for your class.

Brunswick Forest Beginner Clinics

Use the following button to pay for these Beginner Clinics.   Cost is just $10 per person per class selected above.  On the new payment window, scroll down until you see DRILLS - CLASSES.  Then select the BF Beginners - April button and check-out.  On the check-out page  if you are registering for multiple classes or multiple people just change the quantity and pay for them all at once.